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    Teach-In For Racial Justice March 29

    March 17, 2022
    "This is exactly the work Fr. Ignacio Ellacuría called the University to do in his proyección social (social projection)." - Teresa Grettano, Ph.D., Associate Professor in English and theatre, Director of The Ellacuría Initiative

    The University of Scranton’s Ellacuría Initiative will host an all-day Teach-In for Racial Justice on Tuesday, March 29, in LSC 133.

    The Teach-In allows space for University students, faculty, and staff to explore issues of racial justice from several disciplinary perspectives. Sessions will be led by different faculty and held during each class period.

     "Fr. Ellacuría urged the University to communicate knowledge beyond the campus to help shape the consciousness of the wider society, to use our resources -- the greatest of which are our people: our faculty, staff and students -- to participate in matters that affect the real lives of people," said Dr. Teresa Grettano, associate professor in English and theatre and director of The Ellacuría Initiative.

    The Ellacuría Initiative held a virtual 'Teach-in for Racial Justice' via Zoom in fall 2020, to coincide with #ScholarStrike, the national movement coordinated by Drs. Anthea Butler from the University of Pennsylvania and Kevin Gannon from Grand View University. The #ScholarStrike was meant to disrupt “business as usual” on college campuses, protest racial injustice, stand in solidarity with people of color, and use academic expertise to speak to the current moment.

    "This is exactly the work Fr. Ignacio Ellacuría called the University to do in his proyección social (social projection)," said Grettano. 

    Over 1000 students and almost 50 classes attended the 2020 Teach-In. Dr. Grettano said that she hopes an in-person program will bring even more people out this year.

    Faculty are invited to bring whole classes of students. The entire university community is encouraged to attend sessions throughout the day. Royal card readers will be used to track attendance.

    Questions?  Contact:

    Safety protocols set forth by the Royals Back Together Plan will be followed.

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