Donna Rupp is Meg Cullen-Brown Magis Award Winner

Donna Rupp receives the Meg Cullen-Brown Magis Award for Feb. 2023
Donna Rupp is Meg Cullen-Brown Magis Award Winner

The Staff Senate would like to thank all staff members who took the time to recognize and share their colleague’s accomplishments, sense of community, and dedication to excellence. The Meg Cullen Brown Magis Award would not exist without our caring community!

THE MEG CULLEN-BROWN MAGIS AWARD WINNER for FEBRUARY 2023 is: Donna Rupp, Psychology Department

How long have you worked for the University?
"I have worked at the University for 22 years."  

What is your title? 
"I am the full-time Faculty Secretary for the Psychology Department (the entire 22 years). I am also the part-time secretary for the Latin American/Latinx Studies and Women’s & and Gender Studies programs (since 2012)." 

What do you like best about your job? 
"The appreciation and respect I receive from faculty and students is very gratifying." 

What do you like to do for fun? 
"The most fun thing is spending time with my 3-year-old grandson (shown below). It is such a joy to watch him learn new things and be amazed at everything. Also, although it doesn’t always feel like “fun” at the time I am doing them (haha), I run several days a week and participate in several Wellness classes offered by the University such as Light Weights and Abs and Pickleball. I only started running and faithfully exercising over the past ten years, so I’m not burned out yet -- and curious to see how long I can continue…"  


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and celebrate the good work that Donna does on a daily basis. We hope you will join us in personally congratulating Donna and all our nominees.

Donna will receive a certificate for $50 worth of complimentary food at our fabulous University food service outlets, as well as a reserved parking space in the DeNaples Parking Pavilion for the month of February. Each monthly winner is also invited to the Senate Recognition event in May to receive a certificate of appreciation.

We congratulate our winner and all nominees for being recognized as “Magis” employees!

February 2023 Nominees:

Devleta Alic, Facilities

Anthon Amato , Facilities

Jessica Barletta, University Police

Tara Blaine, Graduate Admissions

Salisa Brown, Faculty Secretary PHY/EE/CHEM

Christopher Carter, Grounds

Tom Cody, Infrastructure & Security Services

Janelle Decker, Music

Nancy Dolan, General Counsel

Hugh Doyle, Admissions

John Harris, Physical Plant Electrician

Jessica Hughes, Facilities Operations

JoAnne Jurkiewicz, World Languages and Cultures

Tom Kern, Client Services

Starr Laird, Facilities

Peg Mazzino, Facilities

Ikram Muhammad, Information Technology

Denise Mullen, Facilities

Glen Pace, IT

James Piazza, Carpentry/Trades

Dylan Popien, Facilities

Dolores Rozelle, PCPS

Donna Rupp, Psychology

Melissa Sherrill, Printing and mailing

Ken Smoke, Grounds

Adam Szydlowski, KSOM Advising

Mauri Walsh, Facilities

Eve Walsh-Bisignani, IT

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