Summer Spotlight: Amelia Semple ’25

Amelia Semple ’25 discusses her experiences as Archivist Intern for the Northport Historical Society in New York. Semple is participating in the University's Royal Experience Internship Program.
Summer Spotlight: Amelia Semple ’25

By: Robert Correas-Rivera ’24, student correspondent

Amelia Semple ’25 is an Archivist Intern for the Northport Historical Society. She is a part of The University of Scranton's Royal Experience Internship Program.

Semple lives on Long Island in Northport, New York. The rising junior is pursuing an English major and communications minor. She is in the Honors Program, a member of the English Honor Society on campus, and is involved with HerCampus and the LIVA Arts Company.

Describe a typical day at work. 

"I usually start my day at the Historical Society at 11:30 a.m., four days out of the week, and some weekends to help with events. I assess items, which means I catalog people’s donations into the online system. Taking photos and cataloging the items take up a most of my day. I also help with maintenance around the museum and have worked on mailings and some exhibit maintenance. "

What is the time frame for your internship?

"I officially started work at my internship at the end of May and I hope to finish midway through August."

What are some skills you have learned? 

"The most important skill I learned was organization."

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

"I am doing what I love while having an influence on how information is viewed. I get a sense of pride whenever I am assessing an item. I realize that I never want this feeling to end. That’s why I want to go into the field."

Does the job match your expectations? 

"The level of responsibility I have been given is something that I am very grateful for since I am just starting out."



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