Club Spotlight: United Cultures Organization Prepares for Nov. 10 Fashion Show

The United Cultures Organization President Yasmin Ramirez '24, discusses the group's upcoming Nov. 10 International Fashion Show and their overall aim to educate, as well as celebrate, cultural differences.
Members of the United Cultures Organization Club will host an International Fashions Show with Asia Club on Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. in The DeNaples Center Ballroom located on 4th floor. Shown, participants at a previous show.
Members of the United Cultures Organization Club will host an International Fashions Show with Asia Club on Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. in The DeNaples Center Ballroom located on 4th floor. Shown, participants at a previous show.

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uco-yasmin_9196-3-1.jpgName: Yasmin Ramirez '24, from Scranton, Pennsylvania, is a management major with a minor in business analytics and operations management. The United Cultures Organization president is in the accelerated MBA program, specializing in business analytics. Ramirez is shown at the 2022 United Cultures Organization International Fashion Show.

Connect: @scranton.uco

Q: What is your club/organization’s mission?
"The United Cultures Organization is a student organization dedicated to promoting the importance of diversity on campus. UCO welcomes all students and embraces all genders, races, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, nationalities and identities. We aim to educate as well as celebrate the cultural differences that make us who we all are." 

Q: What, in your opinion, are the most exciting events or activities you present?
"The International Fashion Show. UCO collabs with Asia Club to host a showcase of students representing different countries (accessories, flags, styles, and trends) on a runway. Although Represent Your Flag and Asian Fashion are the main categories we focus on to promote cultural awareness, this year’s categories also include Represent Your Flag: Pride, Aesthetic Street Wear and Local Business Street Wear. Our theme this year is Embrace Your Element. We are looking for students interested in performing and modeling!
The event will take place on Nov.10 at 8 p.m. in The DeNaples Center Ballroom located on 4th floor.

Philadelphia Trip. UCO collabs with Black Student Union to go on a three-day trip to Philadelphia in February. We celebrate Black History Month by visiting local Black Businesses, the African American Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art that showcase events for BHM, and Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Festival of Nations. UCO hosts a cultural event celebrating the traditions, food and performances of various nations in the spring. It consists of table sits where people highlight their cultures through posters and a little taste of music and food."

Q: Why would you recommend someone join?
"Cultural awareness is essential for comprehending and valuing the varied viewpoints, customs and values of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Through UCO, you will not only gain insight into the cultural diversity on campus but also actively celebrate it. Integrating 'cura personalis' with culture means acknowledging and respecting an individual's cultural context, which encompasses their beliefs, traditions, values and social norms. Delivering care with this level of cultural sensitivity ensures that a person's cultural background is considered, significantly influencing their overall well-being and the effectiveness of any care or education provided."

Q: Why did you join the club?
"I learned about UCO through word of mouth in the Multicultural Center. In a predominately white institution, I didn’t feel that I had space to represent my Mexican heritage. Joining UCO gave me the opportunity to share my identity with others, enriching my own experience and having the space to bring my unique perspective to the table. Ultimately, being part of UCO has been a fulfilling and meaningful way to contribute to a more inclusive campus community."

Q: Please share the format of a typical organization meeting. When and where does the organization meet?
"Meetings are bi-weekly. They are on Tuesday’s at 8 p.m.- doors open 7:45 p.m.- and are in the DeNaples Ballroom or Rose Room. To know more about meeting dates and times please visit @scranton.uco on Instagram or join our club through Royal Sync.

Meetings normally start a few minutes after 8 p.m. to get everyone settled in, we do a short PowerPoint presentation on the club’s future events and service opportunities, and an activity and/or discussion in small groups. All meetings last about an hour, depending on the activity, but members are not required to stay."

Q: What topics do you discuss?
"This month we focused on an introduction to the club, what it means to be a member, and our events for the fall semester. We also partnered with the Spanish Cultural Society to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month where we highlighted Latin American countries, artists, foods and other cultural aspects through a PowerPoint, four short games and a piñata!

Through October-December we will discuss other cultures and partner with other clubs on campus through our meetings, events and fundraising. Since our mission is to celebrate as well as educate different cultures, we plan to have more activities, food/drink and discussion topics for our members."

Q: Any plans for the fall semester?
"I'm looking forward to the International Fashion Show (see above). Also, the Family Feud Fundraiser where UCO and BSU will go against each other in a lively family feud game on Nov.17 from 8-10 p.m. in the Moskovitz Theater. All funds will go toward the Philly Trip in February.
For the Diversity Dinner and Dance, UCO hopes to plan an event that promotes inclusivity and cultural exchange through food and dance. We plan to have appetizers or a small dinner and beverages from different nations between 7-8 p.m. where we will educate students on the significance/history of the foods and overall culture. Afterward, we will have dance performances and music to highlight the different dancing styles of a variety of cultures. This is planned to take place in the Long Center between 7-10 p.m."

Q. Anything we have not asked about that you’d like to mention?
"I would first like to thank the Cultural Centers (Jane Kopas Women’s Center and Multicultural Center), the Office of Equity and Diversity, Student Life, Student Government, Residence Life, Late Night @ Scranton, USPB, and each person, program, and organization that contributes to our mission and helps make these events possible.
I would also like to mention the importance the Scranton community plays on our club. Spreading cultural awareness and having a diverse and inclusive space is a community effort. If there are any clubs, local business owners - starting up or accomplished - performers, or any person that is interested in collaborating, please email me or contact us through or club moderator, Jose Sanchez (
You could learn more about UCO through our Instagram account. Please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always open to new ideas that support our mission!"



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