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    Jacqueline Bailey '17 develops online resources for students. Read more in the PCPS newsletter, below.
    April 17, 2020

    The Panuska College of Professional Studies has created a biweekly newsletter to share the stories of those who answer the "call to care" during the COVID-19 crisis. You can read the entire April 17 issue here.

    Here are just a few highlights from the newsletter.

    School Counselor Develops Online Resources for Students

    Jacqueline Bailey | BS CHS 2017 | MS School Counseling 2019 Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) Spring 2020 | Hometown: Old Forge, PA

    Jackie Bailey became the first school counselor at The Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in August 2019. When the pandemic closed the school facility, Jackie had just one week to prepare her online materials and resources.

    Here’s what is featured in the online materials that she assembled:

    • Resources for families – providing information on access to food, internet resources, mental health resources, and health care resources

    • Resources to help parents – especially how to talk to their children about what is going on in the world

    • Resources for the social-emotional learning class that she teaches. There are assignments for students, families and parents /guardians /caregivers

    • The class still meets regularly online, and Jackie invites other staff (custodians, cafeteria staff, office staff, administrators) of the school to “drop-in” and say “Hi” to students

    • Jackie developed multiple ways for students in her class to contact her: º Students check-in and leave mail, telling how they are feeling and what is going on (picture-based so it is accessible for youngest students) º Parents email what is going on in-home and request family counseling or counseling with student º Virtual office hours, including a waiting room where students/parents can have a confidential session

    • A virtual staff lounge where staff can post ideas, events that motivate them or ask questions

    • Therapy dog corner featuring pictures of Jackie’s very own therapy dog and an opportunity for students to “ask questions” to the dog

    • Deaf community resources

    Feedback on Transition to Online Learning

    subasic.jpgKim Subasic, Ph.D., MS, RN, CNE, interim chair of the Department of Nursing, has been hosting virtual coffee chats with the student nursing representatives in each cohort.

    “Three of our nursing student representatives recently participated in a virtual faculty meeting. All three reported feeling good about the learning and the quick adoption by the professors and the University to new learning modalities for the students. They expressed thanks to the professors and that, despite the changes in learning, we are still continuing to hold the extra things we do, such as the Kaplan review sessions for seniors. Students reported that they like the variety of teaching methods we instituted despite the steep learning curve. For the most part, the students also feel as though the transition to remote learning hasn’t been too bad.”

    'Don't Stop Believing'

    Amy E. Russell Graduate Student Health Administration Program

    During a routine shift at a hospital in Westbrookville, New York, Amy experienced both the clinical and human faces of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is like nothing I have ever seen or could have imagined,” she says. “People working in the ER in full gear …an N95 with a regular fluid mask over that, face shield, gowned and gloved."

    Then something happened that caused everyone to freeze in their tracks. "The song Don’t Stop Believing" by Journey came over the PA system. We were told that every time someone recovers from COVID and is discharged they play that song to spread a little joy. I was blessed to hear it five times during my shift,” says Amy.

    She went on to note the “unsung heroes” of the hospital – the environmental services staff who are cleaning and trying to keep everyone safe with only limited protective gear.

    "I chose to work in health care, I am hoping we hit our peak soon and can start to recover. I think this is further out than many realize; I also worry about the reduction in the workforce because of lost profits," she says. "I want to thank the professors for being understanding in these uncertain times. For those called to serve on the frontlines, I pray they stay safe and healthy. I also pray for the safety and health of the families of those on the frontlines."

    'We can get through this together'

    Caitlin Thompson | PT Class of 2015 Hometown: Wantagh, NY

    Caitlyn, a physical therapist at New York LIJ Health care system, took to Facebook to extend a special invitation to friends. Her post made it to the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Health Care System in Wilkes-Barre per Chandra Dombroski Nealon, a faculty specialist in the Occupational Therapy Department. “If you have a family member or loved one who is hospitalized, I would love to stop by and see them before or after my shift ends. I can FaceTime them for you or offer well wishes. "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We are stronger together and we can get through this TOGETHER.”

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